The Action heats up at Saratoga

The British after being held back from Freemans Farm, make a big push, disrupting Rebels, capturing some and killing off a goodly few more. 2 turns of mayhem!

Turn 9:

britT9_1Turn 10 sees the British pick up the Initiative!

They use it to good effect.

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Panzer AAR Scn 19 turns 1-6

Turn 1

Orders in Place

The 45mm ATG of the Soviet army are Green units, shoved into to place and not yet fully trained. The high speed approach of the Panzer 38’s shakes the men.

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Battle for Brody June ’41 Part1

2013-09-08 23.54.58

Kampfgruppe Schroder had been tasked with penetrating to the area near Baragrad and securing the Bridges. First they must pass thru the defenses west of town!


With cover on the approaches Schroder will need to choose his approach carefully. then the map opens up into a wide mid section full of potential trouble with long kill zones.

The exits are potentially good if the can get to cover. the Germans must get off the map in good shape and then face the 3 map challenge of Scenario 20!


Lets look at Schroders forces:


His force comprised a mixed Panzer Company all Veterans and chomping at the bit along with a depleted Panzergrenadier Company.

2013-09-08 23.55.14

Facing him were elements of the 133rd Tank Regiment reinforced with 45 and 76.2mm ATGs. Schroeder did not know it yet, but these guns would slice his best vehicles in two if given a chance.


2013-09-08 23.55.23

Where will the Germans Enter the map?

P.S. I think we can start in FC? would make sense.