Notes on Case White [Europa] Game play and an inevitable comparison

Case White one of the early Europa titles, is indeed a juggernaut of a game for the Axis. I think in my playing we could have seen the Poles do more defense in depth, and counter attack less, and last a few turns longer. But really it is over pretty quickly regardless.

I was not too fussed about how the game played out, this was more of a ‘lets do it for completeness’. It is however enjoyable, and allowed me to explore the Europa system with little to fear on the scale of worrying about resetting for a major mistake etc.

I am skipped much of the Air War as it is practically over, after turn 1 and flying a bunch of dudes around to gain 2-3 CF seems like a waste of time with the wealth of arms at hand. The Air rules are tedious as is the tracking of AA units, much of this should have been incorporated into the general divisional units and Panzer units for ease of play. I can see purists getting up in arms about this, but at some point playability must come to the fore. Whereas having EVERY single unit from a front represented becomes a nonsense, which gamers then abuse.

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