Air & Armor

Turn by Turn Shots.

Turn 1

Soviets open the war with bombing of facilities. 6x Su-17 run on the US arty, knocking out 2 steps.
4x SU-24’s attack units in Hoffheim. Destroying the Cav.
4x Su-25s pop a disrupted and knck off two steps in units in Hambach.



Entry by Soviet Division focusses on the German Sector



Heavy losses for the Germans

wpid-20130727_112322.jpgChoppers prove ineffectual, and Turn two below sees more Divisions enter the board.

2 loan paras drop to capture hinder bridge destruction.

wpid-20130727_103557.jpgTurn 2

During T3 doubts begin to mount over effective use of rules re combat. US attacks aggressively.

wpid-20130727_105248.jpgTurn 3

The lines start to break up and scatter somewhat in the center. Two large divisions rush the major crossing area. on the Main.

Turn 4

Barely hanging on and by this time we are sure we are playing combat results wrong, but the game is fun so we continue for the next 2 turns, to see “what happens”

wpid-20130727_143615.jpgturn 5

The Germans retreat trading space for time and the US is close to folding in the Center, while fresh Soviet forces drive toward the unprotected North.wpid-20130727_155957.jpg

wpid-20130727_155943.jpgTurn 6

wpid-20130727_155957.jpgThis is not going to end well……wpid-20130727_151329.jpgSo we agree to re convene! Some lessons learned. Interesting game systems. At first blush a compelling and thought provoking game.


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