Battle of the Bridges

At the outset the German forces took a more aggressive stance. Both sides need to capture and hold the two bridges and the ford. The river is impassable to tanks.

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Donald Featherstone Passes.

Donald Featherstone was an icon of the minis and board gaming world. Born in 1918 he passed in hospital over the weekend.
He wrote among many other things:

A more complete bibliography can be found here: LINK


excerpt: In 1960 the two of them began editing the UK version of the War Game Digest, a seminal wargaming newsletter started by Jack Scruby. Disapproving of a trend towards articles that were “attempting to spread an aura of pseudo-science over what is a pastime,”[7] Featherstone started his own periodical in 1962, theWargamers’ Newsletter. While in discussion late one night with Dr. Paddy Griffith (the well known military historian), Don had a Eureka moment when he came to realise that the hobby of wargaming could considerably aid understanding of military history .[8] Featherstone appeared on the BBC to promote the hobby.[9] In 1966 he organized the first UK wargames convention.[10]

Marathon, revisited with HOPLITE

A playtest session of the new HOPLITE with the Battle of Marathon.
Different rule mechanics and scenario specific rules provide an interesting flavor to the game. I am not sure that chit pull activation is ideal for this period of conflict. But I like the idea of momentum chits, I wonder if some scenarios have more than one momentum chit, to reflect better command? Or does that come out in the Trump phase?