Summer Lightning p8

Turn 4 (7-8 September 1939)

Main events of Turn 4:

Area 1& Area 2: German Infantry divisions had being eliminated cut-off Polish units.

Area 3: Wermacht using mobile formations has cut-off evacuate way to Wilno.

Area 4: Warszawa has been recaptured! Polish flags over here again!

Area 5: German captured Lublin city.

Area 6: German forces arrived in this area from north to help own units. But Army “Krakow” had provided successful attacks and eliminated some German divisions.

Dead Pile of entire session.

Turn 5 (9-10 September)

Main events:

Area 1: German forces in Warszawa!

Area 2. Polish forces had decided to evacuate to Romania. Army “Krakow” eliminated all enemies on its way. Free road to Cercenati.

Dead Pile

Turn 6 (11-12 September)

Polish government had failed check on Surrender (rule 9.5). Poland is surrender!

This is time to count the Victory points.

GERMAN = 53 Points
POLAND = 34 Points

Result: DRAW!

The Blitzkrieg failed! But WWII is not ceased. Stalin has saw weakness of Germany and had began to prepare his invasion in Europe.

The end!


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