My stab at Panzer Combat process.


Look up range to hit, after you know you can spot.

Apply hit modifiers, roll d100.

roll 2 d10 (first one you use to look up ‘where the hits occur’

2nd for (optional) variable penetration)

3rd for damage

Done…Easy…sort of….

Summer Lightning p7

TURN 3 (5-6 September)

Main Events:

Area 1. German Infantry continued to eliminated cut-off Polish units.

Area 2. Panzer, motorized, infantry divisions crossed the river and pushed Poles out to Bialystok.

Area 3. After tough defence Warszawa had fallen.

Area 4. German advanced to Warszawa from south.

Area 5 Army “Krakow” had made powerful counterattack towards Krakow and destroyed some German divisions.

Dead pile of Turn 3

End of Turn 3