Vas ist Nuts? Wrap up

t9_relief column

Streaming onto the map, excellent attacks and overruns clear a path for the beleaguered US forces in one turn! Yet despite an offer to continue to move post move during exploit the US player declines, as they have since moved ‘too many units’ Now the forces could have made it to the road on Route C.. Dislodging them might be tough! But I would have two turns to edge them away.T9_end combat

Prior to a very limited US barrage due to low Air and Ammo levels the Germans mass force and the last of their arty. They also disengage as much as possible to avoid arty fire. With a paucity of targets the US DGs what it can. All along the Western side we heap 88mm guns and mortar to make one last diversionary attack into Bastogne for extra

points, as the enemy has left a hole with a one step unit.

t9-german move

By the end of the turn, the Massed arty and 88mm have done their work. Enemy forces are dislodged and units rush to the outskirts of Bastogne. All the remaining forces make a few 2:1 and 3:1 attacks on DG’d units on the Southern sector. All but one Exploit capable unit is knocked out for the Allies. During the German Exploit phase they push units into the breach opened by the TaskForces and bog down the enemy.

end T9

This ties up Route C, and places the US in an untenable situation. The Germans achieve their desired objectives and kept both Routes A&C clear.

end t9-bastogne


By having clear goals, and attempting to keep the enemy off balance the Germans achieved their objectives despite excellent responses and play from their opponent.  This was one of those games where the game flowed regardless of die rolls in the general direction of the plan. Exceptions to the plan, or unforeseen circumstances had an anchor point to reference against.

Our OBJECTIVE, and our goal of getting inside the enemies loop.

Even as losses mounted or the tide appeared to turn the Germans focused upon success in their terms, trying to drive the US player to make poor choices, or limit his choices or remove choices entirely.

We were not entirely successful with our approach nor the execution, but we certainly felt like the game was being driven by the Germans versus the Allies!

An interesting experiment in decision cycles.


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