Friday Photo

San Francisco de Asis has seen better days.


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. Nifty! It does take a while to take out one of these ships. At least I found that was the case.
    Your pic illustrates one of the issues that some folks have with the game. Namely, the counter clutter. In the past I have done something similar to what you are doing and have the markers on the non-combat side of the ships. Although I normally stack them except for the Fired markers. The clutter does not bug me as much as others, but I certainly notice it.
    If I ever became a miniaturist I would probably try ships of sail (or else 30 Years War battles) and this pic certainly has me thinking about that again.

  2. Well, I finally get to play the game for real tomorrow and Sunday. The stacking is kind of a pain in the ass and if we find it gets in the way tomorrow we’ll go with the stat sheets for Sunday.

    We’ll be hitting Thirty Year’s War miniatures in the fall. Watch this space for details.

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