Summer Lightning

From Alexey Beznin:

TURN 1 (1-2 September 1939)

The both sides forces had been set up by historical scenario.

Wermacht have just began a invasion.

The first fierce battle was on northern German-Polish border.

4th and 27th Divisions of “Wojska Polskiego” was attacked suddenly from three ways…

…and was eliminated by massive attack! However German 228th Infantry division suffered losses too

The advance action by 4th German Army from Neustettin

Then advance on Krakow and eliminating Harrison in Katowice.

Drive on Czestochova

Czestochova is cleared, Polish division is blowed. Motorized group and infantry group had advanced after battle.

Wermacht marchs into the defence gap.

Alarm! Panzers near Warszawa!

All German units ended their operational phase

Slovaks had just took part in the war. Corps had invaded into Poland. “Wojska Polskiego” had suffered big losses but struggle had being continued. Polish forces attacked in some areas and Wermacht had lost first units.

Most important thing that there was armor divisions in dead pile

to be continued…


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