Vas ist, Nuts? p4

Turn6 Germanturn start

At the end of the US turn 6  they have collapsed upon Bastogne!

But 2 VPs are earned for holding a hex. the US player realizes the threat to Routes and dispatches Armor to hold far flung hexes, but fails to put a serious amount of force on the problem. As we hoped in his reaction mode he is fighting the core problem he sees, that of VPs lost in Bastogne. ALL of his available new resources (Air Attacks) focus on the Bastogne Panzers! Five attacks DG both units but only reduce one!

But follow up attack destroy 1/1/26 Arty and Hetz from Kummel’s KG. One hex of Bastogne is reclaimed but even with 2 over run attempts the Panzers cling to the edge of town.

t6_planned move_Ger

The Germans must continue to clear the routes AND secure the exits of Bastogne and surrounds. With that in mind the Germans move via Road March to allow aggresive clearing in their Turn 6. The Germans do not want ANY relief forces from the US allowing encircled units to break out and re capture Victory Route Hexes.!!! The Germans need to start rotating forces Southwards for if and when the relief column comes. Clogging key junctions with units to force attrition based combat and slow down Pattons tanks! The relief column is just 5 or so units but they can pack a punch.

Turn 6 Situation:

start T6_US

The goal is to continue to apply pressure North so as to encourage the Allies to think we want more units in Bastogne.

sth_start T6

The Western approach has received due attention and fierce fighting ensues

Ctr_start T6

In the NW earnest battles to clear forces carry on with the last reinforcements the Germans get. They also filter along Route A.

North_start T6


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