Patrol! Turns 1-5


Yes folks. Man on Man combat kicks off in a new Play by Poll Series.

Get caught up on the background HERE, those watching know Bundeswehr have 2 Fireteams of men, which we will break down as needed, facing an unknown enemy, but likely 9-12 Soviet forces. Our Mission is to Patrol the 6 maps, at half movement rate until contact. Then exit only after one side controls the map or has eliminated the bad guys.

Random entry had Soviets entering Turn 1 Bundeswehr Turn 4. Two turns have passed with no visual contact. We just ended Team Bund. 2nd movement.

Lets warm up with a choice here:

Team Bund has 2 fireteams. There is one lead element scouting. FT1 can move 5MP as can FT2.

However you know that Soviets Team S, have a 4 turn head start, on their chosen path for their patrol, you also do not know where their exit map hex is.

You are about to enter some open ground.


n.b. Overwatch is just as it sounds.  One team will not move full movement allowance one MG will look for a good covering position based on proposed route. They will be able to (hopefully react) to any contact with the enemy. Who might be thinking the same way!



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