Lynn Brower

Soviet player activates Timoshenko, 21Army and 20Army

German player activates the 9th Army and Guderian + 2PzGrp. German player is planning a double activation of 2PzGrp and 9th Army activation to reduce the southwest pocket.

First chit is SUPPLY. German 7Pz, 14Mot (-) OOS. Soviet player is still concerned about the threat of 3PzGrp to Moscow and the weak northern army. Second chit is 20Army.

After movement.

Third chit is Timoshenko.

After movement.

Soviet player trys desperate low odds attacks on 2PzGrp hoping for DR=10.

Soviet attacks have no result, good or bad. Fourth chit is Air Power. German player recovers STUKA. German player uses BOMBER on hex 2620 DR=4 2DR2 ignore retreat. Strongest stack of soviet armor is reduced 2 steps. 

Fifth chit is 2PzGrp

German player moves to attack southwest pocket with 2PzGrp.

German player goes for weakened soviet armor.


Sixth chit is ART but the german player trumps with the Guderian chit to give 2PzGrp a back to back activation.

After movement.

German player unleashes STUKAs and attacks the city with the intent to advance and displace the Timoshenko HQ.

This image is incorrect because the 4Pz advances into the Timoshenko HQ to force relocation. Timoshenko HQ relocates to 1622. 

Timoshenko HQ must relocate a minimum of 4 hexes and each hex of the path must be closer to a supply source. So Timoshenko relocates toward OREL which unfortunately puts him out of reach of 21Army HQ for this turn.

Seventh chit drawn is 9th Army.

After movement.

German player is trying to surround the southwest pocket and still trying to take Rogachev.

Eighth chit is 21Army.

With Timoshenko driven away from the pocket, activation is reduced from 21Army.

Ninth chit is ART. DR=5 means 2 ART attacks  hex2717 DR=1 no effect / hex2518 DR=2 no effect . Soviet ART magic is no longer working!

Soviet and German agree to resign in place and agree to count current VP because no change in VP is likely during the final turn. 

Soviet VP TOTAL = 22 + no german motorized units

Mogilev 7VP

Rogachev 5VP

Sukinichi 7VP

Rzhev 3VP

German VP TOTAL = 27

Soviet player is remarkably lucky to hold 2 of the 7 point VP chits at the end as well as two high value blue VP chits. The game looks closer than it felt.

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