12th Oct 1806 [OSG]

2 thoughts on “12th Oct 1806 [OSG]

  1. Hipshot,
    thanks for all you’re doing. You got me to get out my copy of 1806 – it’s punched now and set up. I couldn’t help noticing that I think you have some parts of the leadership/command rules a bit confused. ‘Commander’s’ have a rating within brackets [ ] – this is how many subordinate groupings (corps) they can ‘activate’; ‘Leaders’ have an initiative rating with parentheses ( ) – this is there chance to activate their grouping (corps) if they are not activated by a ‘Commander’. For this game the French have 4 bona fide ‘Commanders’ – Napoleon (of course) with a three and Lannes, Murat and Davout each with a one – can’t remember if it is implied or specified that, as a result their own corps is always ‘in command’ or if they get to choose. Likewise the Prussians have 2 bona fide ‘Commanders’ in Hohenlohe and Brunswick. I know this won’t relieve you of all the initiative dice rolls, but, at a minimum you should be maneuvering close to 6 French Corps (3 for Napoleon, Davout, Lannes and the Reserve Cavalry) each turn while rolling for the remaining two (hopefully high leadership ratings) along with the bits and pieces that our out of command range. Hope this is helpful.

    • Lance,
      really good points. I realized as I was setting up 1809….that I was doing leadership/command wrong. It seems there is a need to keep those Corps closer together, which makes sense. Though as I recall I still found myself rolling a lot for discrete units. Regardless in hind sight after some further historical reading I am very determined to ‘grok’ the system and learn a little here!
      Thanks for the note and thanks for reading!

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