Vas ist, Nuts? p2

begining turn3_US

Above we can see the overall impression of where forces are. How are we going to drive the US closer to Bastogne, and clear road Routes and keep him off balance?


So far he has not closed up as much as I would like. He has units moving to Longchamps

(west edge of image) and units goofing around in the woods in the far north. He as however invested heavily in a double line defense East of Bastogne! The Germans press hard in the center to insight some fear of breakthru. We are also pecking at units in the South, trying to find cheap kills of long range Arty. Allies spend heavily on Arty agian this turn! Good, it hurts but it is ok. One formation will likely NOT get its 2 VPS. This means the Germans MUST get into Bastogne.

T4 North

T4 North

Reinforcements for the Germans are due in Area B soon, and most of the KG along the yellow road leaves shortly. Hard fighting, is partially clearing the road, but lots of stragglers remain.  The Hedgehog defense pattern means no lucky strikes South to a VP hex. It is interesting to note below however how lightly held Bastogne is. IF the Germans get a break the weaker defenders could be nudged out!

Turn 4 Center

Turn 4 Center

Then in the South the slog continues with massive use of Mortars and Arty by the US they DG, just about every damn thing. But combat forces him back toward Route C!

Turn 4 South

Turn 4 South

Turn 5 is upon us and there are a lot of decisions for the US to make. Where will he block, which areas will he reinforce? There is a route open across terrain directly South of Bastogne, he has units pressing from the East. While in the North he has things covered up, but he knows reinforcements are coming for the Germans.

So what will the Germans do on Turn 4? Below 2 sets of reinforcements come on board, and while the US player stretched road blocks, he missed a spot, as did I until I got the turn. We want to press on the North now to engage forces so they cannot drop back too quickly to cover Bastogne.  Continue the thrust from the East as these units leave soon in any case. While in the South want to spread guys around to lock up Road March capabilities of 101st Airborne, and attack units to blast a hole to Bastogne proper.

T4 thoughts._SCS_Bastgone


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