AVD Turn 6 p2

Fifth chit is Timoshenko.

After movement.

Soviet player attacks to break the ring around Mogilev.

Sixth chit is 21Army but the german player trumps with Guderian to prevent the soviet player from a double activation in the southwest.

Both Pz Corps still have units OOS. But 2PzCorps is marching to the southwest against the Timoshenko group.

After movement.

German player moves to relocate 16Army HQ.

16Army HQ relocates to 2441

Seventh chit is REINF. PVO to Sukinichi 3-2-6 to adjacent 21Army HQ 3-2-6 to adjacent 16Army HQ

5-4 to Timoshenko 5-4 to adjacent Timoshenko 3-4-6 to adjacent Timoshenko

German Blue div to Orsha. Eighth chit is SUPPLY.

German 7Pz, 14Mot (-) OOS. Soviet player chooses to place 3PzGrp units OOS because they are the closest threat to Moscow. Ninth chit is 21Army.

After movement.

Soviet player trys a risky attach on 2PzGrp and trys to push the 1Cav back across the river. Timoshenko relocates toward the east.

Tenth chit is ART. DR=5 means 2 ART attacks hex2718 DR=2 no effect hex2617 DR=6 DR2

Hitler Directive Table DR = 5 Hitler Distracted 8 turn game.

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