Advance After Combat!

Link to PodCast for the lads. Go take a listen!

What is in the PodCast?

Listen to the guys cover more on Guns of Gettysburg, and their frustration with poorly written rule books, contrasting opinions about whether it is a game versus a simulation. A Historical replay or a Battle?

Smack talk, they explore No Question of Surrender and the Grand Tactical Series with a bunch of tips at 1:20.

Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear, Advanced Squad Leader played live and how awesome it is. Is COH really a mini’s game? Compared to LNL they both seem to have some history more in linkage to ASL than Minis. But in a much more streamlined and richer experience from a theme and narrative sense. Leadership is abstracted in many Tac games. Why?

Command structure in wargames. Guys if you want command and control…There is only one dude to play: TCS. But at the Squad level LNL has some level of leadership, which is nice, but not as detailed. I think the comments on ASL are valid its all about the ToE versus Command and Control. Who wants to roll a dozen times prime a charge..really? Lets be doing steps. Game play versus ‘mechanics’ is the challenge.

Drinks sure! They talk about cocktails.

Tonkin, Note that Gesine is running some good video of this right now, take a look! Jason gives us a good view into the game. A highly immersive experience by the sounds of it.

Panzer Digest…..oh boy.

Chariots of Fire, some solid discussion here.

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6 thoughts on “Advance After Combat!

  1. Strange..Napoleons triumph and the game before that is well received and many love it. So seems odd Gettysburg gets slated. Anyway I love the look of Napoleons Triumph..shame it’s a two player game only.

  2. Also CoH for me is to streamlined. Really at a tactical level for a more indepth detailed game it needs to be on a PC so all the complexity of rules is under the hood. Sadly nothing so far has come close to the WW2 versions of Steel Panthers (the news Mr Grigsby is going to make a new version is music to my ears) which a several years old now. Squad Battles came close but it has a couple of areas that are way to abstracted and if those changes where made it would\could be the best game at a tactical scale yet, sadly Mr Tiller refuses to do anything major as he says it wouldn’t be worth it in terms of sales..I strongly disagree. Combat Mission and Graviteam tactics are two superb tactical PC game series however I’m talking about a top down 2D game rather than 3D, 2D can overcome areas that 3D struggle with. I am looking forward to Lock N Load Stalingrad and feel it will be superior to tthe PC version of CoH.

    • I’d have to agree with a lot of that. I think that WWII titles are either all in on gear and mechanics (i.e. ASL) OR they abstract out a lot of that for faster game play, but lack the deeper sim feel.
      IF scenarios are done right you can over look a lot.
      But I’d like to see a more playable friendly version of TCS on a slightly smaller scale.
      -PC games are an area that could do so much but typically fall short. Graphics are rarely immersive enough andif they are they end up being weak on the sim side.

      • I’m happy with lovely looking 2D artwork in a PC wargame..a 2D tactical wargame can look stunning if done right, it just hasn’t been done right!

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