A big week for the old guy!

Well it would seem…oh. I get it, you thought I was having a big week! Ha..
This old guy:

It seems that everyone has decided that Cthulhu is card playing gamers answer to everything! DVG games announced a title this week on kickstarter and now we have Texas’s very own Dann Kriss with his kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dannkrissgames/cthulhu-the-great-old-one-deluxe-old-maid-card-gam 

I must say the pic of him does look quiet mad!

One of the oldest card games in the known world, Old Maid (or Black Peter) has been played in many versions for centuries. It is known in far distant lands by many names, and has traversed the globe in many forms. Now it finds new life in the early years of this burgeoning new millennium, cast forth into the light with a fresh face and a new twist.

Old Maid meets Cthulhu! Whats not to like!!?

Why is this here I hear you say? Well go check the artwork out. This site is dedicated to primarily war games, of any theme. If you ever played Cthulhu role playing game you know there is conflict and madness, but not a lot of war on the battle field just in your mind!. The art is spectacular for this game, each card has some amazing detail and evokes great narrative. They are two other reasons why this site exists to share the art and the stories that good games evoke.

This has all that.



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