Reluctant Enemies in Action! p1.

Shared courtesy of OCS playtesters Eric & Andrew part of the Greater Boston Grogs group.

Wow, its great to be back playing OCS. I woke up thinking about things I should have done last night. Fun.

Eric and I started Curtis Baer’s forthcoming OCS title above. Its touted as an entry level OCS gaem- 1 map and a low counter density. It is on Operation Exporter- the Commonwealth Invasion of Vichy Lebanon and Syria, June & July, 1941.

From Eric’s post to Curtis:

Andy was the CW and I the French. He landed his Commandos on Turn 1, in what turned out to be an unoccupied area between the Aouale and Damour rivers. They landed safely and attacked a French unit in 12.09 after a successful shelling by the RN. His other attacks were less successful, though with the cavalry unit in Fiq achieving a 6-column surprise and holding off Andy’s attacks. He set up to make a big attack on the Goums in Iskadaroun, but I had set 1Lehr and I Blanc/29 Alg in reserve and moved them into the space, and after that he decided it was not worth the attack.

On my turn, I moved the two mobile units from Iskadaroun all the way to 15.09 and attacked the Commandos in 14.08 with help from two units in 13.09, but rolled poorly and lost 1 Lehr in exchange for the Pedder Commando unit.

Some shots:

Above is part of the setup for the game. Not a whole lot of decisions for each player (again, its supposed to be an entry level OCS game) save a few- location of CW’s trucks, some Vichy units north of ACRE and a miscellaneous selection of “within 2 hexes of”… the standard OCS variability.

The shot above shows a local VICHY cavalry unit camped in an escarpment valley (think Raiders of the Lost Ark). Units are mostly INF but there are some assorted tank battalions as well as armored cars. This Vichy unit was heroic!

The CW player gets to designate a Commando landing (3 companies) in a zone on the coast- fromt turn 1 to 6. There are some special rules regarding its supply, etc. I chose turn 1. Why not just come in and try to grab some of the victory hexes (you see 9 here)? Victory is like Baltic Gap’s in a way- the CW player is on a schedule… time is against him.

North Palestine, end of Turn 1. CW lost 4 units and the Vichy 2. Gross.



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