Marita Merkur Nov I ’40

Nov I 1940

Clear Weather and the Italians get off the line and cross the Albanian border. The coastal road is blocked by Greek forces, the first combat of the war @ 27v5. Corfu is also assaulted. with III/SM in a 5v2 attack. Italian air raids on the key transport junction of 4717 fails.

A regiment of Motorcycles is lost capturing Corfu. The Italians make limited gains into the mountainous terrain.

The Greek armed forces make very aggressive counter attacks. 2 Cavalry units are destroyed by these attacks and the Greeks push into Albania! The only large mechanized division is destroyed by Greek attacks.

The Italians lick their wounds and re read the rule about any Greek unit that attacks in the mountains receives a +2 to the die roll…..despite being halved the effect is devastating.

The Greeks reinforce the Balkan front with the mandatory Regimental Equivalents. Other forces press up from Southern Greece and Eastern shores.


VP Tallies, both sides receive VPS for Territory, Italians earn for Mountain hexes, and non mountain hexes, control of Corfu as well as certain unit kills. The Greeks earn for units in Albania and certain unit type kills.

AXIS: 12

Allies/Commonwealth: 10


Clear skies again and the Italians reinforcements are shipped and air transported to the Albanian front.

4 Air points and 2 Italian Mountain divisions combine to attack the 8th Greek Infantry div. Eliminating it in place. Further progress is made along the coastal road as well. Interdiction of roads fails again.

In the Greek turn another 1:1 attack results this time in 2 entire infantry divisions being wiped out in the mountains. The Italians reel from the dual 6’s rolled. Greek forces move into the mountains, and drive 2 units into Albania.



VP Tallies

AXIS: 22

Allies C’Wealth: 18


Poor weather conditions slow the movement of all units. The Italians need to be very careful now to not be caught in Poor weather with Snow in the mountains as units may actually be stuck in place.

As of this turn we will need to start paying attention to various rolls that impact Political Entry or Exit from the game play.


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