Marita Merkur Special Rules

Fortunately for you I do not have the patience to write up a full and detailed accounting of the special rules for this game. Suffice to say they are many and inter related!

They fall into a small sub set of types: Political considerations, Rule for Historical effect and Conventions to allow the game to function more simply.

The Political considerations drive VP levels, the entrance of Jugoslavia, German intervention and Commonwealth evacuation to name a few things. The level of points drives DRMS for testing if and when Jugoslavic Coup occurs, which then applies a further DRM for the Germans Intervention, assistance rolls.


The Historical effect rules are items such as Hungary movement restrictions as they attempt to capture terrain in Yugoslavia, and similar restrictions on the Greeks as to where

and how they may move units along the Bulgarian Border. Naval movement is abstracted here, but becomes convoluted to the extent that the capture of Crete is going to drive VP levels up or down. So the interdiction of British convoys, and Allied attempts at interfering with Axis shipping and Air transport become a bit of a furball to track. Some of these Historical elements fall over into the Conventions category, but others include off map air  fields,  no ZOCs for some border units but not others and attacking across straits.

All in all, this pushes the Sequence of play with detailed notes to a full page single spaced. I took the time to line item the major rules and summarize them for the most part.

I like the fact that the German forces are off board, and it is just the ‘little’ Italian Army stepping off the line, while Greece braces herself and an anxious Jugoslavia looks on, and over her shoulder.

So we are now ready to roll dice! Lets do it!


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