What are your Pre Game Rituals & Habits?

In the mornings I like to make strong coffee, sit alone and look at my boards for a bit.
I often find this is the time where I see game play errors, or realize I was using a mechanic of a game incorrectly.

Early Morning Espresso

Early Morning Espresso

It i when I plan some moves too. Assuming the role of one side or other I take some time to note the status, and try and assess what is going on in the bigger picture. This often leads to some nice reading on a topical book about the subject at hand. Which reminds me that I have nothing on the Nordic Campaign but web based resources. If you know of a reasonably quick read let me know.

The calm, quiet time before everyone else is up and at them and I am not juggling my day allows some quiet reflection.

I’d like to record impressions of games then. However that never seems to happen for me, timing is always a challenge with 3 boisterous lads in the house.


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