Marita Merkur


This is going to be a blood bath, but interesting nevertheless.

When we look at the historical situation the Fascist forces moved quickly once the Germans were involved, but the erstwhile Greeks stopped the Italians cold in the early stages of this campaign!

Lets look at the Italian opening :


In April ’39 the Italians annexed Albania. This presages the Italian intentions in November ’40.

The invasion did not work out exactly as planned and Mussolini’s forces were taken aback and driven out of Greece and back into Albania by the effective defense of the Greek Army! The British began providing ir and naval support and Mussolini’s fledgling Empire was under pressure.


Later in 1940 when the fight has ground to a halt the Germans move forces into Rumania in December 1940, opening the way for the subjugation of Bulgaria in March of 1941. At the same time a coup is lead in March of ’41 which leads to the repudiation of the Tripartite Pact, clearing German for action.

The Italians.

The Italians.

More to come.


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