Chronological Walk WWII 1940 Scandinavia

I have relented under horrible pressure and sourced a title to deal with the Scandinavian Invasion by Hitlers forces!

Issue 39  from 1996 of Command Magazine. The scenario we will play is designed by Adrian Mc Grath and Chris Smith. Beth Queman did the very subtle and engaging map art. Counters were composed by Cheryl Scollan. The map runs from Tromso in the North to Copenhagen  in Denmark in the South. The color choices are curious. The map is different shades of brown, evoking neither winter war style imagery nor wooded mountainous terrain!

The scenario covers the post 9 April ’40 fighting invasion fighting through then 10th of May, where the designers agreed that any real chance of reversal of fortunes or success was lost once the Lowlands and France were invaded under Case Yellow, which you can read about in The Blitzkrieg Legend portion of our replay.

The scale is 2 days per turn.

Counters are simple and include a combat strength/step size indicator and no movement rate.  Infantry, Cav, Mountain troops and of course Garrison forces are the predominate unit types.  At start units have their start hex on the counter.

There are a few cool rules, an interdependent take turns sequence to combat, with a hidden (fog of war) mechanic and bonus’s for interrupting attacks.

Supply rules are simple, British and French reinforcements are landed via sea, and replacements have their own rules also.

We will step to this game once we get Marita Merkur done.

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