Case White Turn 3-4-5 and 6

Turn 3

September 10

The beat down continues. The Axis approach Warsaw and attempt to encircle it, but pull up short for the moment. They do not want to activate the Soviet intervention, they do want to keep as much as possible OOS. They have also not done a good job of securing their own Supply lines.

The Poles move in Turn 3 places a lot of units OOS in turn four for the Germans. This buys time but not relief.

A strong attack North of Lodz breaks the German Northern Supply but this is quickly rectified in Turn 4 by the Germans. Who then proceed to eliminate nearly 40 Polish CF. Clearing away pockets of resistance and consolidating force and supply to the South through the road network westwards to Crackow (fortress counter bottom right in picture above).

The End is nigh. The Poles play out turn 4. Without much happening and unable to reinforce Lodz or Warsaw.

In Turn 5 an interesting situation pops up. The Germans wish to prevent any VP accumulation via board exits and they attack the Polish 5-6 Divisions on the border. The rules seem to indicate that the exit is only in the turn that the Polish have ‘lost’ or ‘last’ turn. Thus a DR result force the elimination of 2 of the divisions! Meanwhile the Axis eliminate an additional 32 CF of Polish forces over and above the 10 mentioned above.  The pockets are now all water tight and it really is game over.

Lodz will fall in Turn 6, as will Warsaw. This isolation of Warsaw however allows for a Soviet intervention roll. The 1d6 roll is 5 + 1 for the Warsaw hex captured. Soviets Intervene. This means effectively that the Poles cannot hope for Allied Intervention, which would have been rolled for at the beginning of Turn 6. 

The Western half of Warsaw falls and at the beginning of Turn 6.  

Turn 6

We roll for intervention anyway receiving a 1. 126=2 – 1 for Warsaw hex. No intervention.

A quick tally shows us that with the 3rd Panzer reduction this cost 10VP’s. The Errata clarify s the Strategic Bombing VPS for the Germans which are now deducted at the end. SO!

The Polish have 10 VP’s. The Westwall VPs level is @ 270 (unchanged) which from the table equates to 20 VPS.  I think I then add 20+10 to get 30VP. Which is reduced by 12 for the Strat bombing (note we stopped the strat bombing as it seemed a bit pointless). This earns the Poles between 0-40VPS.  I think that means an overwhelming victory. A Major Victory inline with historical results would need to be 41-80 VPs, very tough to earn.


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