DAK2 7.4 Dec 19th-29th ’40

19th of December The Allies take init and clear SB, prior to crossing the border into Libya. The axis lose 4 steps to attrition, and continue to build what they can of a line along the border. 22nd December

Clear skies, no Malta interference and the Allies go first. The Allies loop around to the South and position for an attack on 2nd Med. Near Gasr el Abid. That road junction is critical for supply in the interim until Sollum falls.

Reaction: A 26CF arty attack – DG and kill a step of the 19th Aus due to Italian Arty barrages in reaction phase.

The Italians  fight the air war aggressively and intercept forcing one British bomber back to base. Stratfer Gott goes for the combat regardless even with 31% chance of losses, no result.

The Italians now in a tight spot are spending a lot of SP, the Allies now have a foothold in Libya so it is time to consolidate North of Fort Madalenna.

26th of December , Boxing Day

Sees Malta Allied forces reducing supply to Tripoli again. O’Connor takes his men behind lines to attempt to cut off Maletti. Maletti’s reaction roll fails so he is at the Englishman mercy.

O’Connor shifts tack and overruns unit nearby. 29th of December and downpours slow re supply and action for both sides. This allows a slow withdrawal to Tobruk for the Italians. Below Lines Drawn for Jan 1 1941.


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