A Victory Denied AAR Turn3 p1

Thanks to Lynn Brower again!

 Game Turn 3

COMMENTARY: The soviet player has a significant problem. There is a nucleus of a viable soviet force in the southwest near Rogachev and Krasnopolye with Timoshenko and 21Army HQ. This force might be built up enough to counterattack with the Timoshenko +1 shift, but it is cut off from defending the southern side of the map. There is a badly positioned soviet force in the center in Smolensk, Yelnya, Safonovo, and Spas Demensk. The 22Army is moving to the far north of the map to maintain a threat for the german player and spread the 9th Army. The soviet player chooses to activate 13Army, 21Army and Timoshenko for GT3.

The german player activates Guderian and 3PzGrp for GT3.

The first command chit drawn is Timoshenko but the german player trumps with the Guderian chit and activates 2PzGrp.

The german player attacks Smolensk and adds a STUKA (not shown in image). The remaining PzCorps move to cover Krichev and Roslavl and move toward the East.

Smolensk falls, relocate 16Army HQ to 3032

Second chit is 3PzGrp.

After movement.

German player attacks 22Army and Safanovo.

Relocate 13Army HQ to 3333 and 22Army to 4335. Safonovo falls.

Third chit drawn is ART and soviet rolls 5 for two ART attacks.

Mogilev = 2 to 1 with shift DR=6 DR2  / Safonovo = 2 to 1 with shift DR=6 DR2

Two very good die rolls for soviet player will present problems for german player. Soviet player will recover both Safonovo and Mogilev since both German activations have been completed.

COMMENTARY: Soviet player wishes he had chosen ROCKET attack at Safonovo since both Pz Div would be down a step!

continued tomorrow!


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