Play Schedule Good news

Well looks like on the 27-28th of this month (July) we will finally get some old school WWIII hypothetical in!

With Air & Armor an old school title from West End Games.

First released in 1986, it is a fairly detailed look at command and control issues facing the battlefield commander.

Viewed thru the lens of D+3 the battle for Wurzburg! How do US and NATO forces react to this breakthrough and hold the line? How does the Soviet use Surprise (due to hidden strength mechanics ) and punch through to the Rhine!

More on that in in a few days. I just scanned the rules for all of us, now the full monty read thru of Std and advanced rules so we can dive straight into the campaign. We found some modifications from some English git, which we might try. Given he has in the past destroyed entire PC gaming franchises, I am circumspect about using much he writes. But rumour has it he has despite that destruction an eye for rules mods!

Meanwhile I am gently coaxing a couple of likely lads to play War of the Suns 3 player. This will interrupt the cycle of our Chronological play of WWII. That would mean a deferral of solo play of WotS. Our circle of players has shrunk a little due to other demands on players time, but we still hope to play Where Eagles Dare and It Never Snows in September- October and then focus on a e player hit of Ardenne ’44 in late November.

So I think that means if Merkita Merkur arrives next week(its here as of July 14!)

it is next on the docket! (Update, possible problem with WotS…the first 12-18 turns are not much of anything for the CCP player. we are assessing options as we write!)

Right now DAK2 looks shaky.


We may have made a mistake in electing to Breakout. Not only were losses high, they the replacement returns are largely 5-6 turns out. I may need to undo that decision.

In fact with the suppl;y on the ground and an air lift we can buy some time. The other problem however is that the trucks are stuck in Mersa! Doah. The Attrition roll for the 2nd smaller circle is a killer as I have a bunch of steps in there!! 5th of September 1941 might be the early end of the North African Campaign!

This leaves CV in a Play by Poll session on the table, and going strong, now that we got over a few little admin humps.

Fleurus from Musket and Pike is slow going at the moment. Stuck in Turn 3 primarily with focus issues.

Of the 3 vassal games going at the moment (Heights of Courage, Bastogne and Saratoga) all are moving along well except Saratoga. Skype Vassal time with Gesine to finish our play of Panzer Gruppe Guderian is in my lap to sort a time on.

One new project I am considering is ‘mapping’ the progress of the German forces as detailed in a new book (for me) called The Defense of Moscow 1941, by Jack Radey and Charles Sharp. I’ll explain more on that later as I experiment with some different mediums to share. Excellent read.


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