AVD AAR Turn2 p2

The fourth chit is SUPPLY and the soviet player decides to put both Pz Corps (14Mot (-); 20Mot) out of supply. No one is isolated.

The fifth chit is 21 Army. Activation is shown in the next image

Soviet player decides to concentrate toward the southwest supply source. This is risky because in two turns that source disappears. The move does regain command at Rogachev. The remaining moves block the bridge at Mogilev and launch a desperation 1.5 to 1 attack on 10Pz. Pray for a 10!

20% chance of a DR! And the crowd goes wild!

The sixth chit is REINF  : PVO to Yelnya, T34 elite and 25M to 21Army HQ, 3×3-4 tp Safonovo, Belyy and Spas Demensk

Seventh chit is Air Power: German gets one STUKA.

Eighth chit is 9th Army. Activation is shown in next image.

Next image is after movement.

Soviet unit is pushed back.

Ninth chit drawn is 3PzGrp. Activation shown in next image.

Purple PzCorps moves to guard Vitebsk and Velizh and remain in command. Green PzCorps cleans up soviet units north of Smolensk.

Next image shows after combat.

Tenth chit drawn is 22Army.

22Army relocates north leaving one unit OOC to hold the bridge at Vitebsk.


19Army HQ is removed from the game because it has no units in command range.


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