A Victory Denied Turn 2 p1

If you recall a while back we started an extensive sharing of a fully documented play thru of A Victory Denied.

What happened after Turn One I hear you ask? Well guess who lost Turn 2….ahem.

So thanks to Lynn Brower for doing this.

At start of Game Turn 2 soviet player chooses 21Army, 20Army and 22Army HQ’s for the cup. The german player chooses Guderian, 3PzGrp and 9thArmy HQ’s.

The first chit drawn is ART. The die roll is 4 giving 2 ART shots. Only 3 targets are available; 14Mot, 20Pz, and 4Pz. Note 14Mot and 4Pz combats are shifted 1Left for terrain. The soviet player chooses 14Mot and 4Pz with the following results:

14Mot retreats to 3820.

4Pz retreats to 2425.

The second chit is REINF but the german player overrides with the Guderian chit. The german player risks losing Krichev and soviet reinforcements to Roslavl. 2PzGrp activation is shown in the next image.

10Mot moves to ROSLAV overrunning 13Army HQ. 3Pz and 4Pz overrun 21 Army HQ and attack soviet 28. 18Pz overruns 19Army HQ and attacks soviet 5Mot. 20Mot and 17Pz attack Smolensk with STUKA

There german player gets a bad set of die rolls (2×1, 2×2, 1×3 for 5 rolls) especially for the Smolensk attack. Note the advance after combat of GD and SSReich to tie up 3 units that could be activated by Timoshenko later in the turn.

The third chit is 16Army.

The cupboard is bare for the soviet player.

Not much the soviet can do.


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