How do you pass the time while sorting and punching?

What do you do while you punch and sort or punch and clip? I watch friends play Great Battles of History – Chariots of Fire, and chat on skype. Hod do you pass the time ?

6 thoughts on “How do you pass the time while sorting and punching?

  1. Punching, clipping, and sorting IS how I pass my time. I don’t watch or listen to anything, I just sit at my table and get the job done.

    First I cut the counters out & apart using an x-acto knife. I then sort them into trays or baggies (depending on what works best for the game in question). Finally, I’ll clip them with toe-nail clippers if I think they need clipping (I’ve actually been clipping less lately if the counters come out clean during the cutting process).

    • shh, dont tell any one,… but after testing a few counters I just ram mine out. BECAUSE of the POWER of the 2mm Oregon clipper!
      All those shards and tails disappear. It is faster than Exacto cutting every counter our. I just have to do the corners of the sprues now….OMG…. what have I become!

  2. I’m a big horror movie fan, so I pop in a DVD (usually Dario Argento, William Castle, or even The Twilight Zone) and listen to that while I clip. Or, just in front of the TV with my wife (who is puzzled about just WHY I have to use the Oregon clipper for cardboard counters….).

  3. I like to put a movie in or some music while I punch and clip counters. I’ve been using nail clippers as well… what’s this 2mm Oregon clipper thingy you speak of?

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