CV PbP 0500 4th of June

Lets get cranking here.

Make your choices/vote:

Notes from 0400 briefing:

0500 is daylight on June the 4th.

Limit of movement of TF12, assuming it is Troop carrier task force

Intel Report:

@ 1500 June 3rd: Enemy Forces (group 1A with 4CV) were eligible to enter the board. This is the primary enemy CV and air strike capabilities.

@0400 June 4th: (group 1B entered with 1 CVL).

Whereabouts of either group unknown.

@0400 on SW portion of the map Catalinas trailing Taskforces sighted there turn for home. No contact with enemy Troop carriers.


6 Catalinas (search aircraft)  were launched 3 headed NW, 3 headed SW. Primary missions:

NW AirTF: find the Akagi and other CV’s

SW AirTF monitor and track known TF’s , identify location of AP troop carriers.

Midway forces at the ready:


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