Old Days!

Old School Blitzkrieg from Avalon Hill

Thanks @John Predgen over @ Facebook Avalon Hill group.


11 thoughts on “Old Days!

      • I didn’t mean to degrade your memories- its just that my first exposure to AH games was “1914”, or something like that. Totally unplayable, of course, but its wealth of historical detail was fantastic to my 11-year old self.
        I can see how for playability it is infinitely above 1914 but it still seemed to me to be the slightly less retarded sibling of Tactics II.

  1. Despite a fictitious background, there was a great depth of strategy once you got into the advanced rules, especially logistics. As Big Red, I once invaded a beach surrounding a large Great Blue force. Then it came down to one die roll if they could break out. They failed. As I got older I had a prejudice against non history games, But there was no denying the great game play if one utilized all the advance rules.

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