Case White AAR [GDW] T1 & T2

Turn 1

September First 1939.

Massive force is arrayed against the Poles. We know it is a forgone conclusion. But just how bad will it be? I am excited to be playing this title as it will give me a bit of a glimpse into an iconic but troubled label.

Opening moves are conservative, but still manage to push the envelope enough to provide the Pole a shot at taking out 3 Panzer Divisions that get just a tad cocky on the Exploit phase.

[Game play is Supply/Move Units

-/Air Move/Air Combat& Missions/ Air Return

Combat /Exploit Phase (no combat only overruns)]

Rinse Repeat, with the noted phases and both sides for Supply EACH Phasing Players Turn.

The Opening turn sees lots of action out of East Prussia and Attacks North of Bydgoszcz [BYD] where a 4:1 attack takes the town. Warsaw is hit by a total of 12 Strategic Bomb factor hits. This apparently counts for VPS. East of BYD additional attacks all DE units.

In the South Mountains the  attack there ends up in an expensive exchange. Exploit movement as noted leaves the 3rd Pzr Div a bit exposed reducing it and earning the Poles 10 Vps. So 2 or 3 other units are similarly exposed. The Poles elect to go all out and attack at odds of 1:1 or better. One such attack with OOS units costs them 24 CF in retreat losses in the city of Cracow (CRACK).

53 total factors lost Turn1

Turn 2

September 4th

The outskirts of LODZ is attacked, the central forces AGC attack aggressively, building a huge force to take advantage of Exploit movement. In this phase the Germans press towards Warsaw from the South SW and NW.

Poles consolidate and make more aggressive attacks for little gain. In fact losing more units needlessly. Below the German move.

Total factors lost cumulative 78


6 thoughts on “Case White AAR [GDW] T1 & T2

  1. Wish you’d do more write ups rather than videos..or did write ups along with a I said I find reading alot easier than watching a vid or listening. Infact I’m sorry to say I very rarely watch a vid now but I do check constantly for write ups.

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