Some LNL Goodies.

Despite the fact that Mark Mitchell  thinks I am anti-intellectual and a poster child for internet censorship, he has a great post here on BGG. I direct your attention to:

In 2004, the French gaming magazine Vae Victus included scenarios and counters for French and Viet Minh forces from the Indochinese war, which preceded the Vietnam war. These are played on FH maps. English translations of the scenarios are available as free downloads on the LNLP website, but not the counters. BTW, the website is soon to be revamped, this link may be obsolete. I’ve recently acquired the counters. Here is an example from an image on this forum:

VV54 has the scenario Spoiling Attack… and the counters needed to play the scenario. The magazine’s main game is Nach Stalingrad. Here is a low resolution scan of the magazine’s counter sheet from that game’s forum (L’NL counters at the bottom):

VV55 has the scenario Ambush of Company 4 … plus the additional vehicle counters that must be added to VV54’s counters to play that scenario. And, some errata counters.

Bottom line is both magazines have the counters necessary for the two scenarios, and enough variety for some DIY scenarios. The counters look great, they are slightly smaller than standard counters, and you have to mount them yourself (which is child’s play). I’ve played Spoiling Attack…, it’s a nail biter. The French are elite, but the Viet Minh are not slackers. The French fought to retain Indochina on a shoestring budget, so this is asymmetric warfare, but not nearly as much of a disparity in firepower as Americans vs NVA/VC in Viet Nam. Meanwhile, the Viet Minh were well equipped by the Communist Chinese and well versed in guerrilla and conventional warfare. This is evident in these two forces and these two scenarios.


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