Battle of the Rhine from Caesar: Conquest of Gaul

Carl does a nice job on this battle. A tough one for the Germans!

The Battle of the Rhine (58 BC), also called the Battle of Vosges, was fought between the Germanic tribe of the Suebi under the leadership of Ariovistus and several allied ethnic Germanic tribes against six Roman legions under the command of Julius Caesar. This encounter was Caesar’s third major battle of the Gallic Wars and followed the successful defeat of the Helvetii tribe in the Battle of Bibracte. The conquered Gallic tribes were concerned about incursions of the Germanic tribes across the Rhine and Marne regions of Gaul (modern day Alsace), seeking to expand their territories into Gaul. The Gallic tribes, primarily the Aedui, wanted Caesar to intervene and drive the Germanic tribes back across the Rhine River.

Title Map

The scenario setup has the Germanic tribes set up in a pseudo-phalanx (2 deep infantry) position in a long front line. It is still puzzling as to why the Germans positioned themselves…

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