Chronological WWII AAR & A Request!

Chronological Play WWII series!
Missing titles/major conflicts! Firstly Europe. The Balkan Campaign and Greece are the two next areas that will logically follow from Case Yellow, the Battle of Britain and the African Campaign. Which leads me to this:

I have one line on GDW’s exploration of the Balkans, the alternative is an SPI title. If anyone has a used copy cheap let me know. Just in case my BGG contact is disappointing. I have about 30 days before I need a title, so this is your ‘keep your eyes peeled notice!

In the mean time I am slowly setting up War of The Suns which will take us back to 1937 for the beginning of the Pacific theatre of WWII.

A little more on Pacific Theatre:

The intention is to run Europe/Pacific separately, we will have some obvious over lapping, but that should be cool.

Once WotS is complete or near complete I have 3 titles for the Pacific, but nothing other than CV for lower level conflicts. I think this is fine as the war seemed to drop from Operation to low level tactical Island capture by the Japanese and Allies pretty quickly. Burma would be the one stand out. I have a play of that logged already, such that it is.

If you know of titles that fit into the campaign at the Operational level let me know for the Pacific Theatre.  Where ever possible we will of course do side by side playing, comparing and contrasting for instance Empire of the Sun with Fire in the Sky and possibly Asia Engulfed.

Back to Europe

Ok. Most of the titles I am seeking out for this project are I guess Operational in scale, tho some would try and call OCS Grand Tactical because of the Battalion level aspect and nature of armor representation. I’m hoping to stay at the Divisional or up level for the project, but temptation abounds for some key battles. 😉

The other element that goes into mix for consideration is impact on the war itself. If some event or action was significant we should try and find a title to cover it!

Which then turns us to the Eastern Front, the next major Chronological step (June ’41), slap bang in the midst of our DAK2 play!

It would be easy, simple and fun to grab 2-4 East Front strategic titles such as The Russian Campaign or Trial of Strength and call the East done. We will likely do some thing like that as a SbS. But I say we need the next level of detail!

 The Eastern Front deserves more attention and thought this is where I begin the struggle of just how much. There are so many major conflicts that it would difficult to cover if if we took just the major participants Operations. More soon!

Lets talk more about the East Front and how to handle it in a fresh post. This is all off the cuff stuff here.


5 thoughts on “Chronological WWII AAR & A Request!

  1. I think an interesting alternative for the Pacific is USN Deluxe. It’s Decision Games improvement on the old SPI game, USN. When USN first came out (and I remember that) it was considered to be the most complicated wargame ever published. I played USN many times in the late 70s and still have my original copy. I recently purchased a copy of USN Deluxe direct from DG, but I’ve decided to play Fire in the Sky instead as it’s completely new to me. So, if you need an unpunched copy of USN Deluxe, let me know.

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