DAK2 7.4 Start Dec 8th-15th ’40

Our 2nd Campaign of DAK2 kicks off ! Lots of lessons learned. Into the breach boys, once more!

7.4 Campaign Start

This scenario see the historical placement of the Italians, which will likely not end well for them. The British and their Allies prepare to assault!

8th December 1940

Elements of 7th Arm. Encircle forces @ El Hamra, just North of El Brug

Straffer Gott and 7th Hussars and 2nd RTR block the primary road from Halfway House while 3rd RTR advance up to Bir El Chreigal.

O’Conners men and material are in Reserve

1KRRC and Div Arty hold heights above SB.

Axis attempt to pull back what they can via Sollum-SB Road.

12th December

Malta -1SP.

Allies were too tentative last turn. … 8Huss, hit Buq Buq and take it and block Italian Supply.

2nd Rifles and 6th RTR attack 21 XXX.

11th Huss rush down the dusty road and move to Gasr el Abid.

Shelby moves to block the 1st Liberian escape along with 1KRRC.

7th A and 6th RTR attack 14^5 v 3.5^2 in close terrain, ends up with a 6column shift and surprise for DL2.

Shelby and KRRC attack also and DL1 the defenders, who have no retreat options.

In Turn 2 the Allies kill 1 step, the 20th Light Tank and destroy 21st HQ XXXX.

The Axis move to improve the defense of Sollum and Dasr el Abid, then draw down the minimum for the Mussolini line provision.

Stratfor Gott is DG’ by an air raid at the loss of a step on the SM 79’s! Viva Italia!

Axis have initiative, and roll a Allied Barrage as a Random Event (RE), which attacks Tobruk for no effect. The axis build a HH in Sidi Suleimann. 2nd  Med slinks out the back field (one of the better It. armoured units). The SB forces rally up and attack out. They may as well use internals and go for it.

Musso Line dead: HQ/Arty/+1 III +1 XX +1MG.

The attacks are awful, the Axis lose a step and lick their wounds. Allies draw up supply in their turn, content to bleed out the Axis.



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