Last Chance for Victory

Last Chance for Victory. A re imagining of Gettysburg built on the new Line of Battle Rules.

Now could you go and buy This Hallowed Ground and use the LOB rules? Sure could!

This game however has a more extensive terrain reviews, extra maps, 2204 counters (50% information counters…YIKES).  The kicker – 22 Scenarios. Some so small, well look for yourself:


The neat thing is when this goes on Pre Order july 1st, you can order and have your time stamp record and noted against a specific event in the battle! The battle began 0830 EDT (0730 ACW time) on July 1st, 24 hours from now.

It would have been cool if they thought to collect the time stamps and stamp each buyers box on the inside with the Time Stamp and event ….that might be too complex.

17 thoughts on “Last Chance for Victory

  1. 22 Scenarios might be enough to purchase this again. I have This Hallowed Ground and the MMP page does have a “conversion” set of rules to play Line of Battle with the original Regimental Sub-Series. It is on the Gamers Archive page.

  2. I’ve been waiting on this one for quite some time and will be pre-ordering a couple of copies tomorrow morning for sure. I’ve played two of the four RSS games using the LoB rules and they work really well with the older games. But even though I own THG there was never any question about picking this one up after following along with the development on CSW.

    I think you’ll find most of the informational counters will be those rotatable loss markers. I usually don’t even bother with them, preferring to track my losses on the roster sheets instead.

    I’m hoping this one hits its number quickly!!

      • I don’t see LCV as a replacement for THG. Even though the LoB rules work great with THG it was designed to be played using the RSS rules and really shines when played using them. Two different (albiet similar) systems, each of which has strengths and weaknesses.

  3. I am strongly considering picking this up which would make it my first LoB or RSS title. However, I am still in the pondering stage and so will not place a timely order in the next three days. Although I really do think that is a nifty idea.

    If I were, I think I would pick Day 2 and the stand of Vincent’s brigade of V Corps on Little Round Top. There was something special about that.

      • Back in the far ago years I played “Terrible Swift Sword” until my fingers bleed and my hand cramped from the die rolling. When not playing, I did a fair amount of research on the battle (indeed, the whole war really). The details are pretty foggy nowadays, but one thing that stuck was that whole 20th Maine fight.

        Plus I kind of liked the portrayal of it in that “Getttysburg” movie Turner put out some time ago.

  4. My great great Grandfather was in Dilger’s Battery, XI corps. Fighting retreats and 2nd Bull Run, Chancellor’sville and Gettysburg. and at least one source gives them credit for putting a cannonball into Confederate Corps Commander “Bishop” Polk.

      • I was already interested in the Civil War but it did direct some reading to Artillery specialist books and I did get his service records from the archives before the days of the internet.

      • excellent. What is your favorite oveview book for ACW. I know teh ‘big battles’, macro situation but not much else. Amazing how many Aussies connect with ACW. I never did.
        I like the era as I see it as the dawn of real usage of the Operational Art of War along with massive technology change combined for the first time, After this the Classic Era is dead, but lingering.

      • Hm…A Great Civil War by Weigley is pretty good. How the North Won (Hattaway & Jones) is more of a Military History of the war. There’s a semi-companion volume called “Why the South Lost” which goes into various theories about southern defeat.

        But the best way to dip into the whole flavor is to get the three fat volumes of “The Civil War: A Narrative” by Shelby Foote. It reads like a novel, introduces a lot of the anecdotes that make the thing come alive, but has enough meat to give strategy and tactics too. And it doesn’t miss much in coverage. It is fair to both sides, and even gave a Yankee like me a little sympathy for Jeff Davis in the end.

    • Yes, I was very happy to see the additional discount. I’m a sucker for any regimental-level Gettysburg game, so my fate was sealed the minute I heard about the pre-order special…..

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