1622 Fleurus T1

Turn 1

Opening times of Fleurus. The right-wing cavalry advances for the Protestants. They fail continuation.

The next formation to activate is a make ready activation we roll to see who will activate and the Catholic Spaniards are up. They decide 2 straighten their lines and consolidate the LW Cavalry.

The next activation is Manfeld his cannons fire to no effect. Heavy infantry advances 3 hexes. Then Duke Christian moves his cavalry Forward. He toys with taking his entire Cav force around the Farmhouse flank….

On the Spanish side remaining forces stay in place. During the enemy advance reaction fire is ineffective. Manfield rolls for continuation he is successful we continue his advance across the field. Each hex triggers Reaction fire but the Germans stay out of range. these wagons as blockade may cause a problem, but is not the infantry too far forward?


4 thoughts on “1622 Fleurus T1

  1. I have not played this scenario. Nice to see that there is some room for maneuver. I hope the hills are “gentle”.

  2. Thanks Dave. Good to hear that. The steep slopes in some of the battles found in SiA were, ummmm, not so fun to move about over.
    So rude of those armies not to fight on more gentile terrain all of the time …… LOL! 😉

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