America Conquered – WaW

America Conquered. Really interesting story line. For those that do not know the gig, its WaW from Lock n Load. WWIII has broken out in an alternate history mode. AC provides a lens view into a post Nuke exchange world in September 1985. Where at least 11 nukes have landed on US soil. Florida and Texas escape contact. DC, NYC and LA amongst them.

Cuban forces reinforced with Soviet troops land off the coast of Florida. Note for followers of the WaW series you know that South Africa is at war with the FARC reinforced by the Cubans. I have played the campaign of those battles from the Line of Fire Magazine most are interesting especially the Nuke that is let go there also!

Without grinding thru all the various counters let me just say there are no shortage of units, types and nationalities. The Pre Order only Texan expansion pits Texan State forces against US National forces due to some issues over food and oil, in a nicely plausible situation. The Nicaraguans decide to take advantage of the US internal conflict and launch a pre emptive strike.

Back in the main Module the Mexican, Chilean and Nics form the Alliance. A power block hell bent on conquest.

Interestingly concise SSRs provide special rules for mobs, SWAT, Police and other special elements that you would expect in reaction to an invasion of US soil.

Most entertaining.

A quick note about this module and its make up. The game is stand alone. The rules and have been revised and thus are now the new gold standard of authority going forward. In full color and with corrections, amplifications and rule highlighting the rules are much easier to understand and add all the previous separate module rules into one body of law.

A quick skim thru the rules drew my attention to areas of concern where bolded text highlighted corrected statements. I like it a lot.

I will save my slavish praise of counters and maps for another post, and game play may have to be done sooner rather than later. These are sexy scenarios that build the tension and tempo up as the First Responders react to the invasion, and US and other   forces come to battle the Invaders.


One thought on “America Conquered – WaW

  1. Had to link this article to my tactical wargames page as the game sounds superb. Love the whole concept and it sounds like it will provide a great narrative during play.

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