CV Battleship Hiei 1800 HR June 3rd. [pbp]

Confirmed Presence.
1800 HR….Other Ships present. Major Force present. Details to follow.

FLASH- Under attack, Under attack Enemy Zeros.
Enemy TaskForce Designation ..$%^#.%. Heading..%!$Wes.Bea$%^in,,,Transmission Lost….


4 thoughts on “CV Battleship Hiei 1800 HR June 3rd. [pbp]

  1. So we still don’t know if there are any APs with this task force.

    I’m inclined to fly a couple of Catalinas to regain contact around first light tomorrow, shadow–and have a high-altitude B17 strike an hour or two behind them. It would be at the very limits of B17 range, but quite the coup if we could knock out the CVL and leave this task force without a CAP.

    Then again, the BBs aren’t what’s important–the CVs and APs are.

    • Good point Rex. However the Umpire is on vacation, and while tempted to play while eating nachos and drinking Tequila in MX, he has limited himself to posting pretty pictures….ahem. ;).
      the strike is a valid idea. Not that new IJN forces are also appearing and may…OR…may not be arrving in or near the same area as the AP. the CAP fro AP Supporting CVL is a measly 2x Zero 2xKate. so IF AND WHEN you know for SURE the AP are present, you can almost be assured of a solid attack.
      BUT I mention new forces entering the map, so be aware. 😉

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