CV 1000-1200 June 3rd Play by Poll

News traveled quickly of the loss of the Catalina.

With Mavis aircraft circling warily the CV’s backed of to positions East and North of Midway.
In far SW of the map the long range Catalinas took an chance and flew over the Japanese ships to confirm exact numbers.

At Noon 2 freshly fueled Cats launched and headed SW to finish the sweep and plug the spotting holes that were now apparent .

Assuming that the AP’s moved at speed without delay the furthest they could be if travelling in a  direct line is the 3rd “2W” hex ROW on plot map below.

Fortress Bombers Fueled and Armed.

Fighter Intercepts Fueled and Armed.

USN Stands by while Search patterns identify in order of priority:

1. AP’s

2. CV’s

3. Track CVL force.


5 thoughts on “CV 1000-1200 June 3rd Play by Poll

  1. Is it worth striking the BB/CVL force with the B-17s? The CAP must be pretty small, so presumably B-17 losses would be limited (although level bombing is none too accurate). It would mean they were unavailable for several turns (and we would have to time it for a daylight strike).

    • Excellent idea and that was to be a post as soon as I got back from vacation.

      Yes. Right now, it is night officially. So a strike package would need to be respotted and there is more news to come that will adjust your desire to hit the CVL!

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