Friday Photo

La Bataille D’ Orthez


3 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. One of the best maps in the hobby, IMHO. I think it provides the essence of previous maps in the series, but does so with more clarity. Even considering the relatively hilly terrain which would normally pose a problem to depict. Some may not like the yellow hue, but for me it really helps me distinguish the overall lay of the land. Top marks.

    • The map was very functional during play as well. I’m a little surprised that this game isn’t a little more popular. It has some great beginner type scenarios and the full campaign is very playable.

      • I have never pushed the counters around for this game (shock!), but I will keep your thoughts in mind whenever I decide to get back into La Bat. I think some BAR will happen prior to that though and I have also been eying GBACW and GBoH. Sigh!

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