Operation Shingle – Paper Wars Magazine

Lots of glare on this shot. Just like there is a lot shine on the game play.

I had started to play Operation Shingle the Anzio Landings from Paper Wars a few months back but was distracted and did not focus on the rules. Some elements of the game were not clear to me. Recently a great FAQ was provided. A friend and I started play yesterday, he had a play under his belt so it went smoothly.

It have been a while since a game caught my attention. Christmas perhaps? Blocks in the East was the last title I think I really enjoyed that was a new system.  This game has such interesting mechanics and systems in it that I hope to write a full review in future to explore what I think I just experienced.

Get this game.

Excellent components. Good rule book. Great tables and on map data.

Innovation (for me at least) with the combat resolution system is interesting. A series of chits are accumulated as a result of terrain, odds, and ‘modifiers’ based on tactical situation that are used to ‘move to a result’, which is given in Temporary reductions in strength, Permanent reductions, and retreats. This is a war of attrition.

No result is ever perfect, each have its costs. The same goes for Operations or Actions which are tied to Supply.

Movement and ZOCS are different too. The game is very fluid, but at a cost. Both sides must attack, the Germans must peel back the VP accumulation  of the Allies.  The Allies must expand their control and grind down the Germans with their superior air and arty assets.  The Germans have quiet a few choices in regards to strategy of attack too.

Should you pursue a containment policy? Deep counter attacks, broad front approaches. All have their costs at the Regiment and Battalion Level. More on all of this once we re start our aborted game play from Friday.

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