CV Poll#5 1000 Where is thou headed Catalina?

Further information about the rest of the map. Wrapping up June 3rd 1000. Near Midway.

USN Force may wish to consider strike packages on IJN units, which are likely search craft.


4 thoughts on “CV Poll#5 1000 Where is thou headed Catalina?

  1. We can’t actually intercept the Mavis(es) until they’re adjacent to a major ship, right? In which case, we can’t do much about them, since we don’t want them getting near a major ship.

    I would be inclined to edge TF#2 NW for a while to try to avoid the search aircraft, then SW towards the possible CV/CVL (and troop ships)? I would direct the DD pickets straight south during that time to draw attention away from the CVs, and also provide early warning of additional aircraft, then back towards Midway so they don’t get too exposed. Once they’ve lost any shadows, they can use their higher speed to catch up with the main TFs.

    This requires, of course, that you put yourself in the situation of a puzzled IJN commander wondering what the small groups of DDs are all about 😉

    What do we have at Midway that can scout, beside Catalinas? A table with the location of all our assets would help.

    • Good point on strategy. While more nuanced than I can express in a Poll I will factor this into consideration subject to result of broad brush approach.

      I will re check the spotting rules. But I think the Mavis are fair game once spotted.
      I’ll pop up some shots of Midway based assets for search.
      But in essence if you desire more aircraft to be ‘searching’ just say and I will post what is available.
      -I’m trying to keep decision point broad enough to engage Non Players/ Non Owners.
      Thanks for the thoughtful responses!!!

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