AVD AAR Turn 1/p4

The ninth chit is 9th Army. The first group is the north group shown in the next image.

Unit positions after moving are shown in the next image. German commits a STUKA to insure crossing the river.

Note after advance after combat all attacking German units are on a road. Note also the placement of German 9th Army HQ units for maximum activation.

The tenth chit is 9th Army, the last remaining in the cup. Only Guderian remains following this activation shown in the next image. Note that all the units from the previous 9th Army activation are activated again. The 6-10 mobile 9th Army HQ is used to link the north and central groups of 9th Army units.

If some of these moves look like infantry went too far, note that Strategic Road Movement was used extensively.

The final chit is Guderian. Activation shown next.

The next image shows the end of move and attacks are marked.

The last image for game turn 1 shows the final positions of 2PzGrp.

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