But is She having fun? ;) -TAL

Thunderbolt Apache Leader!


5 thoughts on “But is She having fun? ;) -TAL

  1. I’m not so sure if she is having fun. I’ve no idea how much she is into military history or weapons and tactics etc..or even War films. This could mean she loses the narrative going on in the game and every game just becomes roll dice check rules move..with no real connection to what is happening if this was a real battle..If she is feeling a disconnect, either choose an era or battle, read some accounts pref memoirs then get back to the game. Otherwise I’m not sure she is going to enjoy her foray into the world of wargaming and might be best going to more thematics boardgame experiences..

    One game that might be great for her is Twilight Struggle..or if she has any family history going back with regards to certain Wars\Battles look out for something that had her family involved.

  2. If you look at your AMDT narratives..thats a man having fun with a game..and really immersing into it..Thats what she needs to try and get to truly enjoy a good wargame.Again Twilight Struggle could be the one..alot more thematic than most. Poor girl probably has no money left. I worry she is also buying game after game before truly getting a feel for just one..though I still think she needs TS.

    • Well She is into Napoleonic era. So that is a start. I think she was given a lot of games! Which is cool. Get a few games under her belt will be good. Solidifying concepts. TS is likely a good place….you are going to hate what I have in store for my TS experience

    • Some of the games – the Strike Force Ones and a few others, and the TAL were sent by the publishers as review copies. I’m trying to remember if she bought any other games but the GMT/VPG quad and some tweezers.

      I’m not that huge a fan of aircraft sims outside of computer games…when actions that take seconds play out in many minutes the disconnect is hard for me to enjoy.

      VPG has a lot of solo only thematic games in the ilk of Twilight Struggle but obviously more solo friendly, and low cost too. I think they even sent her one, on the Zulu attack on Rorke’s Drift.

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