Spring 1571 Battle for Odani Castle

Spring 1571 Battle for Odani Castle [AMDT- Turn 3]

Nobunaga’s Tea was complete. His orders issued.

In Odani Castle Azai Nagamasa, weighed his options. Nobunaga had not moved as rapidly as every one expected. True he still controlled Kyo. But it was one year on the blossoms have fallen again and still Nobunaga is in the North.

His forces probed the minor clans to the North West and burned the Obama Castle to the ground. The Entyaku-Ji Temple stood in the way of Oda forces reinforcing Kyo. If only the combined anti-Oda forces could fall upon Kyo, a swift victory could be had.

This it seems was not to be so.

His family history haunted him.

Not since Azai Sukemasa built this very Castle had the prestige and standing been so apparently wanting. The mon passively stared back at him like 3 glowering eyes of a dragon.

Oda had thwarted him at every turn. Then betrayed his trust, whilst holding Nagamasa accountable for a subsequent reaction. History written by the victor. As surely as the Sun rose in the sky Azai was doomed.

The Monks of Mt Hei could not help and Asakura have turned their attention away after Anegawa. He stretched his arms to straighten the folds on his Kimono, calmly placing his hands on his knees.

Looking straight ahead he finished his own thoughts and turned to those of his family.

“General, form up the men I will lead them to attack the Nobunaga encampment.”

A single tear formed ever so slowly and plummeted from the cheek of the craggy faced white haired General. It splattered over the red lacquered armor he wore. His shoulders sagged, his gloved fist unclenched. He sighed “Hi”. He looked at his Daiymo for the last time.

“Fear not for me” Said Nagamasa. “Send my Nobunaga’s sister, my precious wife, back to him, but hide my son. Trust no one”



The 1573 Siege of Odani Castle (小谷城の戦い Odani-jō no Tatakai?) was the last stand of the Azai clan, one ofOda Nobunaga‘s chief opponents.

Nobunaga took Odani Castle from Azai Nagamasa, who, left with no other option, committed suicide along with his son. His wife and three daughters were entrusted to Nobunaga, considering they were his sister and nieces. Two of Nagamasa’s daughters would later marry into powerful families. Their escape from the besieged castle became a fairly common sentimental scene in traditional Japanese art.

Before Azai Nagamasa committed seppuku he decided to make one last siege on Nobunaga’s main camp; in the end, however, he failed and was instead captured. Azai also knew from the beginning he would lose this battle, so before he died he gave Nobunaga’s sister Oichi back, saving her from death.


The Battle will be fought with the RAN rules and either Samurai or RAN counters and maps. Updates to come.


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