The thing about BGG

While I like the database over at the Board Game Geek, I am more than a little annoyed with admins. Another ban. This time for 7 days, for comments that were off topic. Nothing derogatory. Tho I was frustrated with the inane topic.

Just 30% of my reads on this blog come from BGG. It may be time to cut the cord and delete my account there and all the content. It would be one less place to bother with! 😉 Then maybe I can finally figure out how to transfer my blog to a private domain and install WP to all me more freedom with themes and plug ins. The offending post:



Seems that every one has become all excitable in the last 24 hours. First this then people hiding comments on their Face book pages on to ‘manage’ the conversation.

Hmm, Maybe we are learning too much from out Politicians 🙂

6 thoughts on “The thing about BGG

  1. You got banned for that!?! The moderators must not like you. I’ve come close to nuking my account on several occasions and settled for mass deletion of content instead. One of these days I’ll whack the thing completely.

    My participation there has been limited to an occasional smart-ass comment and some photos here and there. Tried CSW-Social for a while, but it just didn’t work for me. Maybe I need a blog or something?

  2. That is pretty weak that they suspended you for that. You were actually responding to the comment. I’ve never snitched someone out to the Admins, but some people just can’t take people who disagree with them. My favorite move is when they post something to antagonize everyone else and then they delete it after they get everyone fired up.

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