7.2 Wrap up. DAK2

I thought a quick wrap up with a few shots of the overall end might be good for closure. The Axis streamed down the dusty roads and quickly encircled Sollum. Then pressed and probed around Mersa.

The Weight of numbers and plentiful supply took its toll quickly.

With the port cut off, the outlook grew bleak. The Allies cast about for unit to build a line at El Alamein

This is the big picture, click thru for a close up.

The line…thin as it is.

Looking ahead what could the Allied bring to the table versus the Axis. What did the Axis have coming. Each page is looking one month forward. The wieght of numbers was clearly in favor of the Axis. Their supplies would indeed be stretched, but with Mersa under control Cairo was indeed a consideration, especially with all of the captured trucks they had scored in early Feb(I think it was)

End game.

Once I finish posting the rest of the video we have for this campaign I shall catch you up on the new Scenario starting Dec 8th. # 7.4! Operation Compass.


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